About me

I’m 27 and I live in Cluj Napoca.
I started when I was 7.
I work mostly work on automation QA or React.
I am dedicated and always connected. email of Facebook.
I absolutely love to have something to work on.
I am self driven, interested in learning and overcoming new challenges.
So far I’ve tackled with JavaScript, Protractor, php, Laravel, ExpressJS, HTML/CSS, React, mongoDB, mySQL.
I want to do more.

I got to the point where, for me it’s passion towards building software. i’ve reached to the point where the exact business direction does not matter. basically this is what fullfills me as a person. It’s not about money anymore. I’ve reached to the point where I actually take responsibility for what I’m working on. I want to provide the best quality there is. you want to work with the best? I do want the exact thing. I want to work with professional people.
I want to work with exceptional people.
frankly there are few milion people in the world of software and few billions that are using that software. we are getting to the point where almost everybody will be connected and everyone will use software. I want to be among the people that delivers the best one.

beside working with exceptional people I am looking to learning everything I can from them.
I want to be among the software pioneers.
I want to be remembered.
I want to be known and be known.
I want to discuss software issues.
I want to discuss software business and ideas.
I want to help you deliver your product.
I want to be part of your product.

What I can do for you?
I can help you think and discuss
I can help you build and design the next thing.
I can help you test
I can help you with the team and the management